ESA Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

  • ESA Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

    Protects you from making a bad investment or becoming liable for the actions

    Who this is for? YOU! Transactions dealing with Commercial, Industrial properties for purchase, or refinancing should get these Assessments. This is an investigation by an Environmental professional meeting ASTM Standards. For more information please check out our website.

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    Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Experts

    Phase I ESA is designed to protect you from environmental liabilities by mitigates issues that may exist. About our Phase I Environmental Site Assessments: • Phase I's are done in strict accordance with all current ASTM & AAI requirements. Only Phase I experts perform this. • Our evaluations on your property and its history are thorough, and done to find any possible environmental issue that may have ever occurred. • If needed, we will guide you in proceeding for a Phase II investigation of potentially contaminated site or property.

    What is a Phase II ESA?

    Phase II ESA is recommended when a Phase I reports a possible contamination at the site or property Phase I ESA follows a strict protocol, and based on that reports Phase II is recommended. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is prepared for a property and the report identified a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC). As a result a Phase II Site Assessment is recommended. Does that mean the property has an environmental liability and an expensive problem?

    No two Phase II ESAs are alike because not all properties are the same and not all facilities have the same RECs. What all Phase II ESAs have in common is that they include sampling and laboratory analysis to confirm the presence or absence of hazardous materials or petroleum.

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